Business Advisory – Fractional Leadership - Seed investment

I am excited to engage on big ideas, market changing initiatives and working with organisations who are looking to dominate their market sectors and deliver year on year growth. With flexibility and creativity, this can be an interim role, dedicated project / market focus, funding round support or seed investment for longer term engagement.

Primary objective is to collaborate, and support your organisation in leveraging and working with you to build on your ‘sweat investment‘ to accelerate future success.

Private Equity Funding - Commercial Planning

When you are the CEO, COO, Sales, Marketing, Accountant and Office Manager, accelerating business growth with clarity and certainty to present for funding / investment is yet another task on the to do list.

The Team at CRO Ventures have 25 years experience creating bespoke Go To Market commercial plans that can accelerate the growth of your business and create a foundation for, where appropriate, future investment in your brand, your organisation and your success.

Non-Executive Director (NED)

2023/24 will see the team at CRO Ventures engage on a number of NED roles, both commercial and not for profit supporting organisations, irrespective of sectors to maximise their potential.

Advisory, Commercial leadership, talent development, mentoring or simply an alternative opinion. We’re keen to engage. Call or email us

Current engagements and feedback

Bryan Hooley - Global Revenue Officer

Naviga was going through complete change in our Go To Market approach to allow us to scale and grow. This was a challenge and we needed some guidance on how to approach this. We enlisted Mike Berry to assist given his global experience and proven ability to setup sales and revenue teams to drive exponential growth.

Mike played a pivotal role in helping achieve a solid structure and strategy for the new Go To Market approach for Naviga and helped cover new business sales, installed client base sales, marketing, and partner strategy.

LL UK - Rachel Walker - Managing Director

CRO-Ventures involvement led by Mike has changed the engagement plan and created a foundation for future private equity investments through demonstrating a consistent and focussed commercial growth plan.LLUK are working with CRO-Ventures to continue this partnership for future success.

Taylor Serpico

Mike is an incredible leader and mentor …with aspirations to becoming an account executive , I was immediately taken under his wing and he constantly challenged and encouraged me to grow and ultimately become more successful.

Andy Benouali

Mike is a world class sales leader. He combines business acumen, relationship building and stakeholder management to drive clients, colleagues and his teams to close complex deals.

Tom Mills - Director - Goodman Masson

Mike was my CRO for two years. In that time he combined the twin roles of driving board and shareholder value and building a strong motivated commercial team from scratch. I consider him a sales mentor – he introduced a technology inspired sales methodology that I take with me to this day as well as a knack for deal-building that maximises the contract value of relationships. He celebrates success and repeatedly demonstrates leadership and support of his commercial team which breeds an exciting, sales-led culture that in turn breeds success.

Through a combination of methodology, mentoring and motivation – Mike materially impacted the trajectory of my career.