Personal Drivers – “I am personally motivated by the challenge and drive to deliver the team to success. Not only through the traditional measurement against a target/quota but also through the teams desire to grow and define their career development - I invest in the success of achieving this and hold myself accountable for this success."

Natural leader, highly versatile and operationally astute, delivering outstanding business performance. With over two decades of consistent success with top tier technology, cloud, consulting and service delivery / integration organisations (both global and emerging). Inspires best practice sales, marketing and operational teams to drive sustainable, repeatable exponential quarter on quarter, year on year growth across all channels both locally UKI/EMEA and Worldwide.

Excellent interpersonal and relationship skills from operational graduate level through to Exco, Board and PE engagements, with the unique ability to communicate and support board vision but also build tangible solutions and go to market offerings at every level, driving internally and externally into the existing, or net new target client.

Recent examples of direct impact on a Staff Augmentation business and Year on Year exponential growth based on 9 core business operational principles.

Exco/Board Key Initiatives

1. Reduce Client Concentration risk

  • Reduce concentration risk on Key Client DB - Spend remained flat at £17.4M Revenue (48% Fy20 revenue to 24% FY23)
  • Increased global Clients to 10 in total (from 4) % total revenue GS 12%, Citibank, AIB 10% CS 8% BCV
  • Delivered 25 net new logos in FY22
  • Created new regional growth hubs - Dublin, Dallas, Brussels

2. Clarity - Certainty Forecasting (new revenue streams to increase breadth, drive longer term ‘recurring’ revenue and be margin accretive

  • Renewals - New business revenues moved from 78%-22% to 43% - 57% in FY23
  • FY22 39.6% minimum margin
  • Average Deal value increased £346k (310% increase)
  • Increased RFP response win rate >50%
  • Forecasting accuracy/ Close Win Rate 68%
  • Increased number deals per quarter >100

3. Revenue Increase Cost Management/Effectiveness

  • Operate as one single organisation
  • EBITDA / Cost Management improved to 11% (from 4% FY20)
  • Avg Revenue per day increased £198k to £310k
  • Avg Deal value increased £346k (310% increase)
  • Avg Term of delta in leased to 9.1Months
  • Fy20 Revenues £2.74M/Month increased to £5.833M/Month FY23
  • Increased staff rotations Reduced cost of onboarding to 10 Days

Sales Leadership

4. Improve competitive advantage in our people & client impact

  • Global Standardised Rate Card , global; Pipeline , Demand Generation and Forecasting standardised
  • Do Nothing list price proposal structure
  • Introduced new global renewals Team
  • Verticalised sales team - Global Structure
  • Internal Sales career framework and L&D syllabus
  • MEDDICS Qualification
  • Knowledge of competition to maintain differentiation

5. Improve Market Leadership and effectiveness

  • Increased focus on Leveraging Global MSA (active and dormant refresh)
  • Client First global approach
  • Local to Local - Local to Global Client Reach Execution
  • Increased from 42 billing client to 112
  • Drive from Staff augmentation - outcome based - Managed service offering
  • Competitive replacement strategy v FD, FDM, FinTru, Capco, Protivii, Synechron

6. Develop Net New Revenue Streams

  • Demand Generation to Sell Existing to Existing - Existing to New Clients - New to New
  • Developed technology alliance strategy (Docusion, Meta, Alteryx) that complements our existing service lines to support business strategy, and service propositions
  • Client First - Market First demand - new service line creation Loans (Citibank) payments (CS) Account Switch (AIB) Digital PMO (NHS)

Client Key Initiatives

7. Improve Market penetration and AMO (addressable Market Share) cross sell and upsell effectiveness

  • Globalised Client Engagement plan - Quarterly business reviews with clients
  • Whitespace Client analysis and non strategic vendor replacement strategy
  • Every Client to consume 4 core service lines KYC,PTS, Consulting , Technology

8. Manage Automate Transform

  • Staff Augmentation to Fixed Price to Outcome Based to Managed Service proposal Structure
  • 3 month engagements to multi Year term
  • Internalisation of FTE drive
  • Client Academy “white label” development strategy
  • Reduced attrition - Training and development strategy per client incl IR35 replacement strategy minimising IP impact

9. Differentiating our client and people experience

  • Retaining talent, reducing attrition to better than market standard <20% attrition
  • Single consistent message externally - High levels of engagement across all areas of the business
  • Measurement of individual performance against our values
  • Regular engagement with alumni population for re-hiring and sales / client relationships
  • Deliver Client First “Can Do” Attitude
  • Urgency and Transparency